“Yantra” is a Sanskrit term which literally means ‘an instrument’ or a ‘Machine’. The Sanskrit word is derived from the word ‘yam’ which again means to ‘support the essence of an object or a concept’. Yantra is nothing but a mystically drawn image or diagram used primarily for Indian religions and philosophy for worship and manifestation purposes. It is used for meditation and other occult hidden powers of Tantric texts and Hindu Philosophy.

Yantra is considered to be a type of ‘Mandala’- a spiritual symbol which represents the Universe.

Digging Deeper Into What Yantra Really Is?

As mentioned earlier, Yantra signifies a special kind of apparatus or instrument which helps in enterprising. But over the years, we have seen its meaning expand and now it refers to religious enterprises as well.

If Mantra is all about the science of sounds that has a positive effect on us, Yantra is all about visuals and its effect on our soul, mind and body. Just like mantras provide balance to our mind, body and soul through its sound, similarly, yantra provides us visual balance. Yantras comprise of geometric shapes which include floral designs as well. The geometric shapes are believed to provide satisfaction to the eyes and have a calming effect on the mind.

Therefore, yantras are popularly used in yogic meditation practices. There are different kinds of Yantra and they are mostly associated with a particular deity of the Hindu Pantheon. It can be even worn as a talisman for better vibrations. 

How does Yantra’s Look? 

The shapes which are frequently seen and used in yantras are squares, circles, triangles and many other floral patterns. But a more detailed yantra comprises of complex symbols each having their own respective meaning and significance.


For example, if you see a symbol which looks like a lotus flower- this symbol signifies the central chakra of our energy system, the dots are known as the ‘Bindu’ It symbolizes our initial point of creation and also signifies the entire universe.

The triangular shape symbolizes a more specific characteristic of a person, like the upward pointing triangle, signifies that a person is extrovert and is masculine in nature while a downward pointing triangle signifies a person to be more introvert and feminine.

In most of the Yantra’s, you will often come across the symbol of Swastika which signifies good luck and prosperity for the follower. 

Certain Actions with a Few Shapes, Creates Power 

Occult yantras which are used in Tantric texts and Hindu philosophy help chiefly as a meditative instrument for disciplining our minds. Occult ones are made up of three important principles:

  1. The Akriti-Rupa Principle; which is about forms and shapes 
  2. The Kriya-Rupa Principle; which is about function or action 
  3. The Shakti-Rupa principle; which is all about Power 

The Akriti-Rupa principle signifies the inner or the hidden form of the main structure which basically means that everything is made up of a structure which contains a further inner structure. The inner structure contains a basic pattern of the external gross structure.

The fundamental shapes used to create a Yantra are simply the psychological representations which correspond with the various phases of our inner consciousness along with the expansion of our psychic forces.

This leads to the Yantra embodying the Functional Principle which is the Kriya-Rupa. It is said that through constant worship and meditation, our Yantra can move beyond ‘form’ and ‘function’ which then eventually emerges as a power-diagram which is the ‘Shakti-Rupa’.


Shakti Rupa, Durga Yantra

The Shakti-Rupa is the self-generating power within us to be able to transform spiritually enhanced experience into a psychic one. It is finally here where our Yantra or mechanism is revealed completely.

So, as a layman, if you think about it…it boils down to the internal awakening or power comes from aligning our own self with the symbols, patterns and vibrations that surround us. With the resonance of the inner self with the larger world outside will create self-generating power. Yantra is the creative enabler here. 

It cleanses and create resonance the energy around us with our internal energy and thereby electrifying the atmosphere with positivity.

Types of Yantra and Their Benefits

By now we know the meaning, we will try to understand the benefits of Yantras. In our lives, it basically acts as a protective shield against negativities and darkness. However, there is no one type of yantra- in fact, there are different kinds.

There are yantras which help us accumulate wealth and bring financial prosperity into our lives. There are some which help us attain power, love, success happiness, peace, welfare and good health. Based on their purpose, yantras are categorized into different types. The broad categories are on their benefits, these are

  1. Wealth
  2. Good Health
  3. Education and Learning
  4. Success in Business
  5. Protection against Evil
  6. Spiritual Advancement

Let us discuss further a few of these Yantras which fall under these broad categories.

# 1 Yantras for Wealth

There are a few which is known to help in accumulating wealth. We will look into those in more details here. 

The Sri Yantra: Most Popular 

Of all the Yantras, the ‘Sri Yantra’ is considered to be the most powerful and auspicious. This is because it signifies energies of all Gods and Goddesses and is a basic representation of our entire Life. It embodies mighty and powerful divine energies which help us to destroy all the evils and negative vibrations which our lives might attract.

It attracts positive and divine vibrations which bring us growth and positivity into our lives. Sri Yantra also helps in elevating one’s spiritual consciousness.

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Lakshmi Yantra:

This one attracts an abundance of positivity in the wealth and financial field in our lives. It brings in a constant inflow of money and prosperity. It destroys any negative vibe of poverty or debt from our lives.


Laxmi Yantra Diagram

Kuber Yantra:

The Kuber Yantra is extremely useful for entrepreneurs, businessmen and shop owners. This particular Yantra helps to attract positive opportunities and brings about wealth and prosperity through business, property and other material assets.

ShriBhairava Yantra:

This Yantra is as powerful as the Sri yantra- it attracts wealth and prosperity. This also protects businessmen from facing any kind of loss or negative circumstances like theft, evil eye etc.

# 2 Yantras for Health


MahaMrityunjay Yantra:

This particular one is for health. It destroys any kind of illness, disease or unhealthy vibes from attacking the person. Instead, it blesses the devotee with a healthy and long life.


Mahamrityunjay Yantra diagram in Sanskrit

# 3 Yantras for Education


Saraswati Yantra:

This embodies the divine positive energies of Saraswati who is considered to be the Goddess of Learning and Education. It is especially for students to sharpen their learning abilities by increasing their concentration, memory, power and of course focus.

Hayagriva Yantra:

This Yantra is particularly for students who aspire for higher learning- especially for abroad and higher institutions. It helps to bring strong focus and higher levels of concentration, resulting in extraordinary performances and definitely securing higher marks and percentages.

# 4 Yantras for Protection


Sudarshan Yantra:

Like the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu, this Yantra is extremely powerful and destroys evil forces by attracting positive forces into our lives.

Prathyangira Yantra:

This one is known for removing evil effects caused by black magic, evil eye or sorcery.


Pratyangira Yantra for Protection

However, these are not the only Yantras that exist- there are many many more in addition to the names mentioned above. There is also another broad category known as the Planetary Yantras. Yantras like the Navagraha Yantra, Surya Yantra, ChandaYantra and every planetoid Yantra come under this category.

Planetary yantras contain vibrations corresponding to each of these planets. These are Vedic yantras which are used to solve “Graha Dosh” if a person’s life is afflicted by the negative energies of these planets. These planetary ones can also be used to increase the favourable influences of the beneficial planet in a person’s life.

Lord Ganesha an Introduction 

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the most supreme and the most powerful God of the Hindu pantheon. He is the God of Success, Joy and Prosperity and is the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge and intellect. He is also considered as the ruling god of the Muladhara Chakra which is primarily associated with structure and support.

Ganesha is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is popularly known for his divinity. He is known by various names but is most commonly known as “Vigneshwara” or Vighnaharta” which means that he is the Destroyer of Evils, Difficulties and Obstacles. He is said to protect his worshippers and devotees from all negative forces and blesses them with knowledge and wisdom.

What is Ganesha Yantra?

The Ganesha Yantra is that particular Yantra which is exclusively associated with the Hindu God- Lord Ganesha. It is the sacred instrument or apparatus which brings out the power within us to focus on our goals and eventually achieve them.

The positive radiation of the Ganesha Yantra lift up our spirits and bring out our inner confidence to achieve success in all our efforts.


Ganesha Yantra Diagram

Lord Ganesha is that one mighty God of wisdom who destroys all obstacles and difficulties that might crop up in our way of success. Obstacles can come at any time- something which we cannot foresee and therefore can never plan how to fight it.

Thus, to remove these obstacles it is extremely important that we pray to Lord Ganesha before we take upon any important and customary task.

Source of Positive Energy:

This ensures the positive energy with which the task not only begins but also moves forward successfully. So, the Ganesha Yantra comes handy and is extremely helpful for removing obstacles without preventing your spiritual and material growth.

GaneshaYantra is the best solution to avoid any kind of obstacles or negative circumstances which may crop up from nowhere, thus jeopardising your way to success. So, it is important to install the Ganesha Yantra or worship to Lord Ganesha if you are planning to undertake a very big project or stepping into a new phase of life.

This can be installed in your home or office or can even be worn as an amulet or ornament. This will help you to fill your life with abundance and happiness.

The GaneshaYantra is a sacred instrument which is made up of simple geometric patterns, all of them arranged in a particular symmetry.

It is known to attract the positive energies of Lord Ganesha and these energies are attracted with the help of the Ganesha Mantra. Therefore, this powerful Yantra of Lord Ganesha helps his worshippers and devotees with wisdom, fortune and of course success in their new projects and endeavours.

When to Use It as an Object of Meditation?

The Ganesha Yantra can also be used for meditating over the Lord. This helps you by bringing in more focus, mental stability and by keeping your mind free from all kinds of distractions. The geometric visualization also helps you by bringing you closer to Lord Ganesha by building a direct connection with Him and establishing a divine alignment between Lord Ganesha and you.

The resonance of the Ganesha Mantra along with the Ganesha Yantra connects you to the positive divine energy of the God present in the cosmos.

The Ganesha Mantra:

The Ganesha Yantra is activated further with the help of the Ganesha Mantra. Ganesha Yantra is a visual representation of your life which is spiritually enhanced further with the chanting of the Mantra. The audible resonance of the Ganesha Mantra along with the Yantra activates the Chakras of your life, helping you to draw a direct alignment with the Lord.

The Ganesha Mantra for the Ganesha Yantra goes like: “Om Gum Ganpathaye Namaha”. As a standard rule, the above mentioned Mantra needs to be recited at least 108 times.

6 Rules To Use The Ganesha Yantra:

There are a few specifications which need to be maintained while using and placing a Ganesha Yantra in your home or office.

1.  It has to be placed facing the East or the North on a clean and a sacred altar.

2. The Yantra must not be touched by anyone or played with.

3.  It needs to be kept clean by washing it periodically with rose water or milk. One might notice that the colour of the Yantra changing over time. However, its power does not get diluted with the colour change.

4.  Surround the Yantra with dots of sandalwood paste on the four corners of the Yantra and also in its centre.

5.  A candle or an incense stick must always burn in front of the Yantra. Fresh fruits or dry fruits can be offered to it as Prasad.

6. The Ganesha Mantra needs to be chanted in front of the Mantra right after you shower. This helps to keep your body pure and clean.

It is important to note that if the required care is not taken, the Yantra can certainly be useless. So, it is important to note the above points and act accordingly. 

Who will be beneficial to use a Ganesha Yantra?

People who want to begin and proceed with their undertaken project smoothly.

People who desire a hassle-free and an obstacle-free life.

Business owners who wish nothing but success in their trade

Students who wish to secure a good percentage in examinations.

Couples who seek a balanced and healthy relationship.

People who wish for abundance.

So, overall, it can be beneficial to most of us, to be honest. One certainly needs to put faith in it to experience the real magic that it can offer. 

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In conclusion, Yantras are cosmic devices with divine power which are designed to attract positive energies of the Universe. Similarly, Ganesha Yantra is used to harness the strong, powerful and the positive energy of Lord Ganesha exclusively. If used right this can truly be life-changing.

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