The symbolism of Ganesh is very deep, that’s why people have decorated their homes and offices with statues of this elephant-god. The beautiful Standing Ganesha statue can be served as Ganpati Puja gift, Spiritual Lucky gift, Ganpati gift, Thanksgiving gift, Wedding gift, Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, and Diwali gifts.

Ganesha Statues: An introduction

Almost all of us are having Ganesh statue in our home but we are not aware of the specific places to put Ganesh so that it can reinforce the vibration of success and happiness. According to Vastu (the science of architecture in Ayurveda), the best place to keep this delightful god is the northeast corner of the house. pooja room (meditation spot) is also the best place to set up, as it is known as the Ishan corner.

As per Vastu Science and the Religious Spiritual the Showpieces Placed in North East Direction of Drawing, Living or Pooja Room. It brings Wealth, Peace and Happiness, Health, among The family Like Father and Mother, Husband and Wife, Brother and Sister, Son and Daughter.

Top 6 Standing Ganesha Statue on the Internet

Our team is experienced in looking for the best Ganesha statue that will suit everyone. This time we stormed the online space to bring in the best 6 Standing Ganesha statue collection that you can buy with your eyes closed.

Here we go.


#1 Standing Ganesha Statue in White Marble Finish

Bronze Powder Cast Statue is a well-known Hindu goddess, which is well known for removing obstacles. From all the statue this is a top-class and trendy decorative figurine of Ganesha.

Talking about the Measuring it is 7.5*4.75 inches, this Hindu Lord Ganesha statue is featured with perfect size. This figurine is great can keep it on the desk, display shelf, as a gift for any occasion and mantel.

Beloved Hindu god, Ganesha will grant success, prosperity and overall good fortune in your life.

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Exceptional Premium sculpted resin with a white marble finish. The final touch is offered through the hand-painted, which offers a high-quality look without sacrificing the details.


#2 Bronze Standing Ganesha Statue

The Lord of Success, Ganpati statue is beautifully Brass decorative Work. Featured with gorgeous Handwork and this perfect showcase of Lord Ganesha represents Joy and happiness which is symbolic to bring Prosperity.

A beautiful statue is the perfect epitome of beauty. Ganesha is widely respected as the Obstacles remover and more generally as Lord of arts and sciences, Lord of Beginnings and the deva of intellect and wisdom,


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Made from Quality Brass, Gorgeous Handwork and perfect showpiece, the standing Ganesha statue makes for the best Spiritual Lucky Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Fengshui Gift, Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, and Easter Gift.


#3 Golden Ganesha Playing Flute

Lord Ganesha is worshipped as “VIGNA NASHAKA” (destroyer of all obstacles) and “VIGHNESVARA” (Lord of all obstacles). It is also alleged that Lord Ganesha is the inspiration of all music and the rhythms and vibrations of the universe are channelled through him, and we humans are just vehicles of Ganesh’s universal music.​


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This standing Ganesha statue is crafted by the fine Polyresin material. It is featured with a golden colour and embellished with Jewels. It would male for an attractive gift for your Loved Ones.


#4 Pure Silver Standing Ganesha Statue

Perfectly designed and the handcrafted statue is idle as a gift for every occasion as well as can keep anywhere, as it is featured with perfect size. Bring the happiness and wash out all the sorrow by keeping this idle piece at your location.

It is made by Sterling Silver and has moonlight finishing. It is big in size but light in weight.

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#5 Ganesha with Mace Statue

Brass is the idle metal for casting the metal sculptures, a beautifully designed statue of Ganesh will wash away all the sorrow from your life and fill your life with happiness. This piece is also served as a gift at every occasion such as marriage, birthday party or any other.

This Standing Ganesha Statue is Crafted with the finest brass material and painted with the golden shades. The dimension of the showpiece is 12.5-inch x 7-inch x 4.5 inches and 3.5 Kg by weight.


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# 6 Large Standing  Ganesha Statue

Cold casted bronze hand craved standing god Ganesh is idle for gifting and home décor. It can be served as Ganpati Puja gift, Spiritual Lucky gift, Ganpati gift, Thanksgiving gift, Wedding gift, Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, and Diwali gifts

A beautifully Carved Standing Ganesha statue can place it in your living room and get the blessing for your exclusive choice. Featured with High-quality material and authenticated.

The speciality of this piece is it is originated from Great Britain and made by using actual bronze powder mixed in the cold cast resin to ensure a richer, more alluring presentation.

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The Bottom Line

Standing Ganesha statues are great for homes where guarding is needed. Either because there is lot of wealth kept or because there is a lot of happiness in the air which may cause others to envy. Ganesha guards the wealth or happiness of the family.

The statues that we have selected are great to be kept at home. If you have any questions, suggestions, please feel free to comment in the comment box below. We will be more than happy to answer you.


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