Wearing spiritual ornaments is quite a common practice amongst people and especially Hindus. Many people wear such ornaments because it holds a meaning, significance, and presence in their lives which represent their faith and beliefs of their Gods or God.

Many people believe that wearing such spiritual ornaments of their God or even keeping it close to their physical bodies gives them a certain level of confidence, calmness, and satisfaction which turns out to be quite beneficial for them.

So, are you one of them to wear a chain, a ring, a pendant or some form of jewelry which has a spiritual meaning attached to it on your body? Do you really feel a sense of comfort when you wear them? Well, many people do, so let us discuss a little about the benefits of wearing such religious symbols or medals representing one’s spiritual faith in their God or Gods.

Why People Wear Religious Jewelry?

People wear jewelry for a number of reasons- some wear to look beautiful while some wear to showcase their financial and social status. However, some people wear it for religious purposes and such jewelry cannot be worn at all times as these have specific spiritual meaning and significance.

As per Hinduism, wearing religious pendants or any other kind of religious jewelry on wrists, neck, ears, and feet is considered to be very auspicious. It is believed that it brings good luck, prosperity, and success and also gives a sense of completion to oneself.

It is also believed that this jewelry prevent us from any kind of negative energy affecting our lives or the lives of our loved ones and thus keeping all obstacles, misfortunes and evil happenings at bay.

This exercise of wearing religious ornaments has been massively adopted from religious practices that resemble the practice of wearing amulets to keep away evil practices.


Benefits of Wearing Ganesha Pendants

Now, when we speak of Ganesha pendants specifically, we all know how Lord Ganesha is considered to be the most Supreme God among the innumerable Hindu deities. He is extremely popular and is loved by all of all age groups. He is the Bringer of Joy, Prosperity, and Success and also the Destroyer of Evils and Obstacles.

Therefore, we see many people be his ardent admirer or worshipper and thus many are seen wearing Ganesha jewelry- especially pendants- to keep the pot-bellied, elephant-head God close to them.

Life-Changing ability

Wearing this jewelry is believed to have a great significance on the wearer’s life reflecting His unique powers which help them to bring in all the good fortune in their lives by keeping away from negativity and evil. So, here we have listed down the importance of wearing Ganesha necklaces and how we reap benefits from his abundant blessings if we wear one.



Most importantly, wearing Lord Ganesha around your neck, is considered to be highly auspicious as it helps us attract prosperity, joy and abundant success in life. It helps us to attract money and also immense fortune in our work.

It removes all kinds of hurdles and obstacles encroaching upon our work thus allowing us to enjoy a rich life. It not only brings in money, but also fame, honor, happiness and of course knowledge and wisdom too.

Obstacle Remover

Since Lord Ganesha is highly worshipped and considered to be the remover of obstacles and also an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, many people choose to wear pendants to bring in good luck and prosperous blessings not only in professional ventures but also in personal lives. A pendant that has Lord Ganesha as an idol serves as a talisman establishing a spiritual connection with the Lord by keeping him close thus ushering in all his blessings in abundance in one’s life.

Being the affectionate, powerful, wise and loyal God many people wear Ganesha to attract wisdom, knowledge, and kindness into their lives and self.

While many people choose to wear pendants to feel closer to Him and establish a spiritual connection directly with the Supreme Lord- there are some who wear it to show their religious faith openly to others.

Style Statement

However, there are some who choose to wear this type of jewelry just as a form of jewelry which looks stylish and pretty or has some sentimental value attached to it. Some even wear it just because they have received it as a present.

But most importantly the reason why people choose to wear this is that they believe it acts as a protective charm, helping them to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. Some even believe that wearing these will boost their personalities with self-confidence emotional strength thus bringing happiness and wealth into their lives along with fulfilling their dreams and wishes.

Thus we can understand that the reasons for and benefits of wearing Ganesha pendants are many and it entirely depends on one’s belief and faith in the Lord.


Different Types of Ganesha Pendants

Lord Ganesha is a highly popular God being the Supreme one and is loved by all for their immense belief in Him for making their wishes and dreams come true. People of all age-groups are therefore seen wearing these not only to show a sign of their faith and devotion but also to make one feel more connected to the Supreme Power.Ganesha Pendant1

It is believed that wearing this help the wearers enjoy peace of mind, prosperity, success, joy, wealth and happiness in life.

So, if you are looking to get a Ganesha pendant for yourself, here is a list with the top selection from our just below this section.

 Dancing Ganesha:

This is one type of pendant that is extremely popular amongst wearers. People mostly wear Dancing Ganesha those who are looking for happiness, calmness, and peace of mind in life.

The dancing form of Lord Ganesha signifies joy and happiness. Therefore wearing this particular type of jewelry is believed to bring satisfaction, liveliness, and happiness in one’s life.

Tri-Tone Leaf:

The tri-tone leaf pendants primarily signify courage and energy. People who are out there seeking for color, vibrancy, and confidence in their lives and personalities should go for colorful pendants made of gold and studded with diamonds.


We often see people wearing Rudraksha necklace which looks similar to the trunk of Lord Ganesha. These types of pendants are called RudrakshaGanesha which represents success and gives the wearer the strength and the power to overcome all obstacles of life. It also bestows the wearer with good health, wealth, joy and prosperity.


Gemstone Ganesha:

Wearing a Ganesha engraved in precious stones signify the power of nine sacred gems and people wearing such jewelry enjoy this power in their lives.

These types of  pendants are beautifully encrusted with gemstones which offer benefits of the stones along with the benefits of wearing Lord Ganesha pendants to the wearers.

Direction of Trunk

We know how highly significant Lord Ganesha’s trunk is. No matter whichever way Lord Ganesha’s trunk is directed towards in pendants, both hold great symbolic representation. While the left-sided trunk depicts the feminine side of the personality with calmness and serenity, the trunks turned towards the right depict the masculine aspect which is comprised of fieriness and aggressiveness.

With all these benefits and different types of Ganesha pendants, go for the one which is best suited for your purpose and personality. Wearing it will give you all the strength to overcome obstacles with calmness, protect you from negative energies and will provide security to your life while establishing a constant connection with your deity of Lord Ganesha.


Top 10Ganesha Pendants Online

Now that we have discussed the benefits of wearing Ganesha pendants and the different kinds in which they are available, here is a list of 10 best Ganesha Pendants you can buy online.

#1 Silver Om Ganesha 

The Om pendant is made of premium quality 92.5 sterling silver and is studded with 0.23 carat round diamonds. This is an exclusive find in our list of Ganesha pendants where the Supreme Lord appears in the reverberating sound of the Universe which is considered to be “Om” as per Hindu mythology.

This is a great piece that you can buy for yourself to keep Lord Ganesha close to you at all times.



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#2 Gold Plated Ganesha 

This pendant falls under the category of Tri-tone Ganesha pendant as it is encrusted with high-quality cubic zirconia stones. It is colorful and the beauty of it is further enhanced by plating it with 14k Gold.

It also comes with an alloy chain that is absolutely free of charge and here the Lord is shown in a very colorful and vibrant form that represents energy, joy, and vibrancy of life.



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#3 Sterling Silver Simple Pendant

Weighing around 1.60 grams, this pendant is too made of pure 92.5sterling silver and it is further gold plated only in the lower portion to enhance the look of the pendant. The design is very simple showing just the form of Lord Ganesha.

On the top portion of the pendant, you will see it is studded with a 0.07-carat diamond. The direction of Lord Ganesha’s trunk here is on his right side which brings out the ambitious and aggressive personality of the wearer. This one here is a great pendant for both men and women and can be bought for gifting purposes as well.



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#4 Pave Diamond Pendant

This pendant of Lord Ganesha is made of certified pave diamond on a pure sterling silver base. This pendant represents the elephant head of the Lord Ganesha which signifies immense wisdom and knowledge.

Therefore, wearing a pendant like this one will help the wearer gain knowledge and wisdom in life through the Lord’s abundant blessing.



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#5 14k Gold Plated Ganesha

This pendant in 14-carat gold plated and is studded with diamonds. The delicate design and work on the pendant are gorgeous which brings out the sheer divinity of the elephant-head God.

The durability and longevity of this pendant are determined by the high-quality alloy with which this pendant has been made. It is a great piece of jewelry of the Lord which when worn will bring you closer and help you establish a stronger spiritual bonding with him.



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#6 Simulated Diamond Studded Ganesha 

This fashion pendant necklace of Lord Ganesha is studded with premium quality cubic zirconia stone which can be worn every day by both men and women. The outline of the formation of Lord Ganesha in this pendant is further accentuated with the gold plating of 14k which makes the pendant look even more ethereal.

This is a great pendant to wear with both traditional and modern attires and can be worn as a religious pendant too.



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#7 Rudraksha Ganesha

Styled elegantly, this pendant comes in a very simple and unique design. The trunk of the Lord is set with cubic zirconia stones on Rudraksha and the rest of the body of the Lord is set surrounding the Rudraksha.

This elegant design of the pendant can be worn every day by both men and women. It comes with an allow chain too and can be worn for both religious and fashion purposes. It is a great item for gifting your loved ones too- help them to bring in abundant blessings in their lives and homes.



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#8 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Ganesha 

This pendant comes with a 1 Mukhi rudraksha which is in the shape of a half-moon. This special kind of RudrakshaGanesha Pendant brings immense health benefits in the life of the wearer as it is believed to be good for the heart.

Rudraksha of the pendant is called Rameshwaram (Indian) Rudrakshawhich is one of the best and the rarest forms of Rudraksha found. This one is highly energized and it comes with a certification too. The wearer of this RudrakshaGanesha is believed to receive abundant blessings from Lord Ganesha as well as Lord Shiva.



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#9 Navratna Pendant

Made of 100% original gemstones, this Navratna Ganesha is indeed one of a kind. This Ganesha pendant not only comes with the power of the Lord but also the power of the nine precious gemstones.

Wearing this Ganesha pendant will bring in love, luck, wealth, happiness and joy in your life and home. The gemstones have been studded on the pure sterling silver base which enhances the color of the pendant furthermore. So, if you are looking to buy a Ganesha pendant for religious purposes, nothing can be better than this one.



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#10 Sterling Silver Yoga Pendant

Weighing about 3.5 grams, this stamped Lord pendant comes in small size and in a very unique and simple style. We all know how Lord Ganesha is the divine embodiment of wisdom, wealth and health.

Therefore, wearing this pure sterling silver Yoga religious pendant will bring in abundant blessings of the Lord into your and your loved ones’ lives.



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Lord Ganesha is the deity of joy, success, and prosperity and therefore wearing Ganesha pendants can never be harmful to the wearer. On the other hand, it brings about a lot of benefits to our lives.

Wear it for religious purpose or some other reason; wearing these are always good for you. So, go ahead and buy one for yourself and reap the Lord’s blessings in abundance.



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